Conference Day One

Tuesday 11th August 2020

7:30 am Conference Registration & Networking

8:00 am Honorary Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks: As Confidence in Reserves Estimation Reliability Decreases, Is Now the Time to Challenge Our Thinking?

  • Dr. John Lee Professor Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University


  • Exploring the state of unconventionals as we enter a new decade
  • Approaching key industry challenges and looking at new solutions
  • Looking to the future: exciting opportunities in reserves estimation

8:15 am Executive Chair’s Welcome & Opening Presentation: Delivering On Promises: Improving Your Reputation of Over-Optimistic Production Forecasts & Reserves

  • Rod Sidle Industry Advisor, Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers


  • Lessons learned from Alta Mesa Resources: Even with improvements in type well methods, industry still gets it spectacularly wrong
  • Un-learning from history: do you understand the uncertainties in your PDP forecasts? Looking at why conventional well practices fail
  • Discovering new metrics to communicate type well uncertainties to the reviewer/user for a quality discussion

8:45 am Collaborative Panel: What’s Working, What’s Not & What’s Needed for Us to Improve the Reliability of Our Estimation?

Dr. John Lee

Professor Petroleum Engineering

Texas A&M University

Rod Sidle

Industry Advisor

Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Vice President, Corporate Reserves

Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Alejandro Girardi

Petroleum Engineering Advisor


9:15 am In-Depth Focus Session: Our Experience of What’s Working, What’s Not & What’s Needed for Us to Improve the Reliability of Our Estimates & Forecasts

9:35 am Networking & Refreshments

9:55 am The Applications of Physics-Based Forecasting for Shale Reservoirs & How it Has Helped O&G Operators in Their Reserves Booking & Decision- Making Processes


  • Integrating different data inputs from multidisciplinary team to generate physicsbased type curves
  • Case Study: fracture interference and primary infill reserves impact
  • What went wrong? Learning from our mistakes and looking forward to the next decade

10:35 am Collaborative Panel: Looking Into the Future of EOR for Unconventionals & Testing Commercial Viability

  • Stuart Cox VP - Reservoir Engineering, PetroEdge Energy


  • Reviewing current development strategies to determine what concepts are improving ultimate recoveries and at what cost
  • Technology evolution: gas injection vs huff and puff vs CO2 injection
  • Successfully integrating new technologies when researching EOR to facilitate reserve estimation techniques

11:15 am Speed Networking & Lunch

12:35 pm 20,000 Wells a Day: Rethinking Property Evaluation in the Age of Analytics

  • David Fulford Vice President, Reservoir Engineering, Gryphon Oilfield Solutions


  • Moving analysis from a user-centric desktop workflow to server-based automation using directed graphs and improving forecast reliability by the use of data relationships
  • Constructing a pipeline from raw data input all the way to complete section-bysection basin valuation
  • Composability as a tool to reason about data interaction and address system complexity

1:15 pm A New Approach to Standardizing Wells & a Progressive Chain of Filters to Yield More Reliable Results

  • Phil Martin Chief Executive Officer Exploration, New Century Exploration Inc


  • Extrapolating insights from a small set of wells with similar characteristics to a larger range of wells to increase reliability
  • Creating an input and output chain to examine and predict unconventional wells’ characteristics and production profile
  • Using multiple data sources to crosscheck data and ensure results are as reliable as possible

1:55 pm In-Depth Focus Session: How Can You Apply Data to Your Reserves Estimation Methodology When Looking at Multiple Reserves?

2:15 pm Networking & Refreshments

2:45 pm Stepping Out of the Trenches: How Can a Macroeconomic Perspective Inform Day-To-Day Decision-Making in Reserves Estimation?

  • Ace Alexander Managing Director – Engineering, Constellation Energy


  • How does the global price of oil and gas affect the role of a reservoir engineer?
  • Keeping up-to-date with macroeconomics and relating it back to your strategy
  • Understanding the impact of the cost of services: how technology prices can
    reduce ROI

3:25 pm Understanding Investment Decision-Making Criteria to Reliably Reflect Actual Well Performance


  • Looking at industry guidelines to form your own type curves with industry software
  • An outsider’s perspective: Intersecting reserve estimation and finance
  • The risks of overestimation and the need to better predict and disclose EOR

4:05 pm In-Depth Focus Session: What Can We Do About the Financial Impact on Forecasts & Insights of Changing Economics & Commodity Prices?

4:25 pm Executive Chair’s Closing Remarks

6:00 pm Close of Day One