2020 Partners



Exclusive Lead Partner

USI leverages a streamlined and automated workflow driven by full-field CMG simulation to generate physics-based type curves for unconventional reservoirs.

​Our Science-Based Forecaster (SBF) software utilizes engineering data to quickly reveal solutions for widespread industry challenges such as:

​Drainage area definition for vertical stacking and lateral spacing

EUR changes from Fracture Driven Interaction, downspacing and offset well timing

Total Recovery effect from bottom-hole pressure drawdown

Reserves revision using statistical and analytical methods



Haas Engineering

Innovation Partner

Established in 1980, Haas Engineering delivers 3rd Party Reserves evaluations and other customized solutions to clients worldwide.  Since the earliest days of the Barnett Shale, Haas Engineering has supported over 400 shale customers and continues to explore best practices in estimating unconventional reserves.