2019 Partners



Lead Partner

Aucerna is the energy industry’s leading provider of solutions for integrated planning, execution and reserves. The company is a global source of technology and expertise for the energy industry, serving more than 500 customers from 12 global offices including Calgary, Houston, London and Singapore. Aucerna proudly serves the industry’s largest base of customers, from super-majors and emerging operators to energy investors, consultants and education institutions. Aucerna
solutions are deployed in every region of the globe, helping companies make better investment decisions by connecting the people and the data of the modern energy industry.



Haas Engineering

Innovation Partner

Established in 1980, Haas Engineering delivers 3rd Party Reserves evaluations and other customized solutions to clients worldwide.  Since the earliest days of the Barnett Shale, Haas Engineering has supported over 400 shale customers and continues to explore best practices in estimating unconventional reserves.




Expertise Partner

USI provides an innovative software solution that combines CMG’s pre-run reservoir simulation results and AWS cloud computing to optimize field development planning. Our latest data analytics platform provides clients the most advanced yet simplest shale assessment workflow along with the first commercialized physics-based reserves forecasting tool for unconventional reservoirs. We have named this industry-leading application the Science-Based Forecaster (SBF).

Our mission is to assist oil and gas operators in targeting ideal drilling locations with optimal D&C designs to maximize asset values. SBF drastically reduces history matching process from weeks to minutes and allows engineers to focus on what truly matters most.