“REU consistently assembles a fantastic line-up for expert speakers that discuss relevant issues-of-the-day, summarize current best-practices, and provide knowledgeable and informed opinions”
David Fulford, VP – Reservoir Engineering, Gryphon Oil & Gas


“The conference was a very good opportunity to get up to speed on the state of the art in forecasting unconventional reserves and to network with colleagues who are struggling with the same issues”
Robert Bartusiak, Reservoir Engineer, Weatherford


“The networking was very worthwhile – I had the chance to meet and speak with some very sharp folks”
Daniel Sanchez Rivera, Reservoir Engineer, Anadarko


“REU brings the best of the best together for an engaging and informative few days. Networking is a large part of the benefit, and ongoing collaboration continues long after the conference ends”
Randy Freeborn, Principal Industry Advisor, Aucerna


“Excellent conference. Great job curating a great line-up of content that is on the leading edge of industry concerns”
Christie Schultz, Reservoir Engineering Manager, Contango Oil & Gas


“I enjoyed attending the conference and workshop again. I will be able to take some of the information back to the office and put it to good use immediately”
John Wheeler, Geologist and President, LKA Engineers