About Event

REU Houston was launched in 2011 with one simple goal - to bring reserves leaders together to share technical and strategic insights to optimize their approach. As the industry has advanced, we’ve evolved to become the global meeting place for reservoir engineers, corporate reserves managers and wider stakeholders who want to improve the reliability and efficiency of their reserves estimation workflows.

The 10th annual Reserves Estimation Unconventionals meeting will bring together reservoir engineers and corporates reserves managers to benchmark approaches to estimates, forecasting and SEC reporting. This remains the only event focused specifically on reserves estimation for unconventionals and brings together genuine thought-leaders in the field.

10 years into shale and we’ve moved from the scientific phase to the development phase. Whilst short-term estimates continue to be critical, we face new challenges as we consider longer term production forecasting. After recent reports of overestimation in the field, it’s now more important than ever for us to share critical thinking with our fellow engineers and benchmark our approaches.

Event Highlights

  • Overcome the most common barriers to reliable production forecasts: Implement the latest techniques into your strategy with John Lee to improve credibility and prevent over-estimation
  • Implement Monograph 3, 4 and 5 techniques in your planning,  estimating and forecasting: Uncover the most widely accepted tools and methodologies endorsed by the SPEE
  • Integrate creative methodologies to prevent overestimation: Learn how Tecpetrol has improved reliability by crosschecking results from different reserve estimation methods
  • Move away from traditional DCA by using machine learning to predict EUR and optimize reservoir designs: Learn how Vine Oil & Gas’s advanced machine learning has improved forecast reliability
  • Rethink the correlation between well performance and well completion design: Examine complex modeling and reservoir simulation technologies to optimize completion and well spacing
  • Reduce uncertainty in estimating and forecasting type well profiles: Listen as Oxy delivers a practical guide to the application of Monograph 5 to improve estimation effectiveness
  • Apply the latest Securities & Exchange Commission definitions and disclosure requirements: Improve the reliability of your reserve reporting by getting insights into the latest thinking and experience direct from the SEC
  • Rethink unconventional reserves estimation in the age of analytics: Discover the power of data with Gryphon Oil & Gas to improve time efficiency and reliability
  • Understand GOR behavior and how it changes over time: Learn how an increase in GOR is interpreted and accounted for in production forecasts with Shell
  • Reconsider your approach to standardization: Step inside New Century Exploration’s approach focusing on the characteristics of a small group of wells to optimize results across all reserves
  • Move away from a “cookie-cutter choke strategy”: Find out how Sanchez Oil & Gas has focused on a draw-down strategy to normalize production to be able to estimate type curves more reliably
  • Rethink your approach to parent-child relationships: Discover from John Lee the latest industry approaches to maximizing production whilst mitigating negative parent-child impacts

Who Attends: