June 18-20 2019
Houston, TX

About Event

About the REU Houston Summit

REU Houston was launched in 2011 with one simple goal – to bring reservoir engineering leaders together to share technical and strategic insights for optimizing their reserves estimation practices.

The focus of the conference has evolved dramatically throughout the years, mirroring the rapid technological advances and growth of the unconventional oil and gas sector in the United States.

About Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade has many years of experience hosting niche strategic and technical meetings in the oil and gas sector in Houston. Unlike many other event organizers, we’re proud to have stuck with the sector through thick and thin and to ensure the content of our meetings are structured to support the sector in a lower-for-longer energy pricing environment.

Hanson Wade events are unique because:

  • We are operator-led.We don’t have a product or service to sell. For us a good event is one where you take away practical and immediately implementable insights.
  • We dig deep into very specific challenges.Don’t expect to walk away from the event with hundreds of business cards, most of which you will never look at again. Instead, expect to meet a few dozen peers who are working on exactly the same challenges you are.
  • We are interactive.Through speed networking and ice breaker activities to round-table and panel discussions, we encourage participation from all attendees. This is not two days of sitting at the back of the room and listening. This is two days of open and honest conversations designed to drive the industry forward.