The Industry’s Reserves

Estimation Meeting:

June 20-21, 2018

Houston, TX

A huge thank you to all attendees at the REU Houston 2017 conference this June. Over 120 Reserves and Reservoir Engineering leaders participated in the two day conference, which also included Dr Lee’s pre-conference day, focusing on the construction of type wells.

REU Houston has established itself as a core annual gathering in the reservoir engineering calendar for operators and other stakeholders to share strategies, tools and technologies to more reliably forecast and book unconventional reserves.

The downturn has highlighted the importance of gaining a more dependable understanding subsurface assets for unconventional onshore operators in the US. The current conservative investment environment in US shale means that this is key, both in terms of internal resourcing and securing financing for future drilling and completions.

We look forward to welcoming leading operators, financiers, industry experts and solution providers to the 8th annual conference from June 19 – 21 to learn best practices for technical reservoir estimation and reserves forecasting.

"Congratulations for organizing and implementing such an excellent conference. It was first class and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in Unconventional Reserves or Resources."
Centrica Energy Upstream

"When times get tough focus on fundamentals. Nothing is more fundamental in our business than good investment decisions through high quality resources and reserves evaluations."
Talisman Energy

"This was my first non SPE conference to attend but the information and experience was just as valuable if not more so."
Southwestern Energy

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