June 18-20 2019
Houston, TX

We’re moving into an exciting phase in the application of unconventional reserves estimation tools and techniques; however the lack of long-term production history means there’s still huge challenges to overcome in order to reliably forecast and book reserves.

The REU Houston Summit brings together reservoir engineering, corporate reserves, finance and asset leaders, to share practical tools for improving field development decision-making and ensuring reserves reporting falls within the boundaries required by the SEC and investors.

Key focus for discussion includes:

  1. Optimal evaluation of reserves and reliability of well performance forecasting with minimal data
  2. Parent/child relationships, well spacing and field development planning to maximize EUR
  3. Improving reserves evaluation and reporting to better meet SEC and investor requirements
  4. Reserves evaluation using data analytics and machine learning: strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities for improving the bankability of assets
  5. Reliability and use of simulation tools for unconventional reservoirs

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“When times get tough focus on fundamentals. Nothing is more fundamental in our business than good investment decisions through high quality resources and reserves evaluations."

Talisman Energy

"This was my first non SPE conference to attend but the information and experience was just as valuable if not more so."

Southwestern Energy

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